duminică, 22 septembrie 2013

Blood drop

a vision of loneliness stands before me
like a mirror that reflects
the deepest corners of a geometrical night
upon the sun's dimming reign

"I am alive",says a drop of blood
as it melts above a patch
of blackened skin;
"I don't believe you",groan these lips
that turn inward as they give birth
to another smothered howl
of bastard roots

the numbness spreads like summer floods
beneath the skin and into bones
which can't articulate the meaning of life
because they are not gods

I am never happy.I can never be again.
I only thrive in a moment before I remember
that it's a curse to consider oneself
too blessed

the weight of blue lungs floats into my brain
and menacingly whispers that the sadness
of the Universe could be
mine one day

I'm dirt.I'm banished feathers.
I'm a vision of loneliness
which doesn't reflect anymore

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

i love this. i mean you had me at banished feathers. but it feels like waves of darkness rolling over your skin. and it sounds like wolves howling at the moon. you're the best <3

Adriana spunea...

thank you,darling! <3