luni, 2 septembrie 2013

I paint my way towards happiness

I want to feel useful,so I make a plan and beg my bones to obey.It's crucial that I follow through because the future isn't what it used to be anymore-too much a part of the present to even seem distant.So this means I have to make my past worthwhile.

The rainbow I keep caged inside wanted to stretch its luminous wings today,which means that these palms of mine had their cracks filled with watery balms.No shapes,no purpose,just color.Just color to spill and spread and sprawl across an eager canvass with limitless possibilities.
When the paintbrushes got tired,my fingers took over and I became a child once more.I was happy-happy in an honest,innocent,fleeting and sunny way,happy enough to forget and live for now.
With blue around my eyes and crimson tucked away in my arms,the day didn't seem like a chore anymore,but a blessing.
This was a small feat,I know,but I feat nonetheless.The kittens played and the coffee was lovely and my brother was nice to me-what more could I ask for?

This day was most definitely full of joy and small wonders.

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