joi, 19 septembrie 2013

The Great Escape

The night has often many tales to tell,but my hybrid nightmare-dreams could really take the crown.
What a Heavenly buzz a good coffee can give!
I try to do what's right,even more,but I sometimes don't know what I do it for.
I would make a fine mother-with all this practice,I doubt any less would be true.
Rainy days and a bucketload of chores (literally!) don't mix quite well.
At least my senses can indulge in coconut and pineapple on such a gray occasion.
I've forgotten that my kittens are afraid of the blowdryer and that I look like a curly mushroom when I actually give a damn.
British shows are so damn cheeky that they're actually hilarious!
I adore being in love with a voice,a song,a band-the world seems a lot less lonely and I can feel the blood flowing through my veins without actually having to see it.
Why do I let things crowd at my door until the very last minute?
Blue car,supermarket adventures,muddy road.
I still can't believe a little puppy can grow into such a big dog.
Third coffee of the day,you say?Hell,yeah!
Lovely dinner,"The Great Gatsby",good memories.
Amazing artists are a sign that God exists to us mere mortals.
Warm popcorn,"Sleepy Hollow",falling for another British babe...again!
Midnight laughs and "cats in the bathtub".
Three friends,the same red bed.
Silly jokes and cozy blankets.
The real "great escape" in a while now.

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