duminică, 15 septembrie 2013

An ordinary adventure


If someone would have told me that I would be cleaning the kitty litter box on a Sunday at the blessed time of 6:15 a.m.,I would have totally believed it because my life is now a vast collection of "what the fuck"s that I must learn to embrace one day.
Either this is an "Independence Day" remake in real life or that's one Hell of a big,dark blue cloud covering the sky this morning.
Drinking lukewarm coffee from a soda bottle means it's too early for me to have any sort of conversation.
As much as I love the countryside life,this isn't a courtesy visit and I wish I had another pair of socks on now.
Seeing grandma (well,technically,she's my actual grandmother's sister,but she's a proper grandma to me) is the reason I agreed to come and I absolutely don't regret it at all.
Getting emotional before 10 a.m. isn't actually the way to start the day,but I have been away for too long and the world isn't getting any nicer.
A steaming cup of coffee makes me a better person in any given circumstance.
Since I positively refused to help pick apples,I ended up with the muddy,tiny and (I swear!) sneaky cherry tomatoes-well,at least the company and conversation were good.
Why are walnuts covered in this thick,green shell?Why is it so hard to remove?Why do my hands look like they have been dipped in the night's sky?We just don't know.Science,man...
The autumn sun is sinking into my cheeks and memories are overflowing without my consent.
I don't know what's worse,to be honest:being old,being childish,or being both at the same time.
I swear to all the saints in Heaven-I would rather die on the spot,struck by lightning the moment I utter the words,than say the things grandma told her sister today.I swear on my life.
These memories are the ones that matter the most and the ones that will hurt the most.
And me thinking the car couldn't get anymore crowded...
A long journey back home and an equally long stop make me reassess how tired and anxious I really am.
My morning cloud must have relatives because this sunset is nothing short of creepy and mesmerizing.
Everything is fine:the cats didn't burn down the house,nobody broke in while we were gone and we're still in pretty good terms with each other.
I didn't quite grasp the meaning of the phrase "my entire body aches" until I sat down on the bed.
Music and warm blankets-all I need to end the day on a thankful tone.

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