luni, 9 septembrie 2013

Autumn promenade

Night ghouls.Sour sheets.Barking awakening.Orange pajamas.Elvis hair."Cooking service".Milky and creamy coffee.Tumbling kittens in the garden.Last minute summer homework.Brotherly talk.Sunny surroundings.Good news.Bad puns.A witty cartoon that still makes me laugh.The last green apples of the bunch.Skipping through music.Another lazy afternoon outdoors.Tangled hair.Needy animals.Extremely talkative brother.Lack of incentive to write about my boring life.Seeping bad mood.Hot plates of food.Second coffee of the day.Killing time.Mustard leaves.Running around the house.Encompassing sweater.Tearful mascara.Jasmine perfume.Rushed pace.Wonderful friend.Chocolate delight.Sparrow blouse.Just the three of us.Autumn promenade.Catching up on each other.Green lake.Old feet.Secluded bench.Familiar stories,all too familiar problems.Promises,plans,pleasant lies.Beautiful people all around.Our known spot.Yellow lights,raspy smoke,tales we only tell ourselves.Much too old souls.A dark city.Angry dogs.Sweet sharing.Fantasy world.Crumpled sheets.Late snack.Growing fears.Surreal escape.Not so wonderful epiphany.Blue socks."Goodnight!".Wishful prayers.

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