vineri, 20 septembrie 2013

Not well

The less I sleep,the more I understand how much I need it.I knew this was going to be a rough day from the moment I opened my eyes and my spine was out to get me and that horrible taste in my mouth wouldn't budge.
But I have things to do and things don't care if you feel like puking,crying,fainting on the floor for all eternity,everything at the same time.
Coffee becomes a liquid sleeping pill,while your bed turns into a terrestrial mermaid with lullaby callings.But it still seems as if the clocks were turned upside down for no reason whatsoever...
"Being" is more"existing" than "living" to even try.Another pointless "x",another question of "what should I take to lift my spirit?".
Alcohol made my innards rage against me.Food looks disgusting even when it's necessary.I'm cold and I'm not well.Sleeping isn't a solution now because my heart is pacing too determined for comfort.I have to wait it out ,focus on the things which make me happy instead of the boat that's dangling between the shell of my skin.
I watch a movie,I cry my seas out,but not even a soulful catharsis could banish this curse of the flesh.I need oblivion,but exhaustion has a crucial part too.
Why are we so fragile?We should have been carved out of stone,not dirt.
I really hate this utterly broken version of myself...

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