miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013

Get me out

I keep my voice inside my chest,
where there are no ears to hear
or hearts to wound
or truths to be revealed

all I do is scream,yet the echo
never leaves a wall of ribs
that too often seem to collapse
on me

I mourn for life and loss and everything
in between,
be it real or not or just waiting in my dreams

my insides have become loud
and obnoxious,
like every organ is a child and every bone
a noisy toy to pound against the skin
and mind

every action is met by a negative reaction
of closed eyes,shallow breaths
and a numb desire to rip apart
my inner vocal chords

I keep my voice inside my chest
because my ears would bleed
to blue
from all those pitiful pleas of
get me out
get me out
get me out

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