sâmbătă, 28 septembrie 2013

Apples and grapes

Seeing the lights burst around a very musical "06:00" is a process that makes my bones just weep.
The sky is aquamarine,my shoes are electric blue and these fingertips are turning purple.
This road brings me both joy and sorrow.
Countryside-grandma looks at me in such a way that makes me believe I am a beloved child once more.
Breakfast by the fire and coffee in bed-I mean,what other moment would you want to preserve in time?
Being called outside to work and then not having anything productive to actually do is up there among my "top 10 frustrating things".
If one thing's for certain is that this autumn air will make your lungs hurt and your city head grow dizzy.
I will never forgive these grapes for being so eager to fall to the ground instead of into my palms.
Well,if there's no fighting and bickering involved,it isn't a family trip now,is it?
I am willing to sacrifice my personal comfort just so that everybody can shut the fuck up already.
We never do have enough time to visit our relatives properly.
Sleepy phone calls,mandatory shopping stop,the dread of tomorrow's arrival drawing near.
I'm already tired of packing and thinking about leaving.
I'll miss you most,oblivious kittens.
I should go to bed early...

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