vineri, 6 septembrie 2013

Full Friday

I love it when it's sunny outside and everybody is getting along and I don't have to feel guilty for being kinda lazy.Don't get me wrong,I like helping other people-Hell,that's easier than helping myself,to be honest!But there's a certain pleasure in numbness and serenity I just can't seem to refuse!
Sure,your family is inevitably going to say all the wrong things (like,for example,"why aren't you doing anything useful with your life these days?") and every small thing is going to annoy the crap out of you and the voices in your head will most definitely be an issue at some point, is just so good when it's not bad that I want to kiss it on the mouth.Yes,I'm a simple person and I like being comfortable,so sue me!
Will this attitude majorly backfire sooner or later?You bet your ass it will.Do I care now that much?No,I don't.
And seeing an old friend just made my day better...

Well,wouldn't you know it,I put on weight this summer!Does the sun rise every morning?Do I love cats?Is everyone being an insensitive little bitch,though they think they're only joking and/or are completely oblivious towards the issue?Pretty much.
Though it's still a tough journey and I'm not always a "happy camper",I love my body.It works just fine,it's not broken,it's not crippled,it's a good body and I'm blessed to have it.True,I don't take the best care of it,but it hasn't failed me yet,so fingers crossed!But I'll be damned if anybody is helping!
Let me break it down for you:grandma pokes my tummy and asks me "Is it moving yet?",mom calls me "Milka" around the house ('cause we just love each other that much),while my brother told me right before going out that I look like "I'm about to give birth".Do I laugh?Do I cry?
If I were overweight or obese,I'd get it,but I' twisting that knife doesn't help my overgrowing pile of (un)real problems one bit.
I'll just slap on a smile and move on.

I'm in love,I really am!It's like drinking and only getting the "floating" sensation,instead of feeling groggy afterwards.And it's not "him" or "her",but an "it"-I'm in love with a concert!
The energy,the crowd,the smoke,the stage,everything makes it so intimate and surreal that I can't even put it into words properly!
Yes,you'll have people that suck around you and some chick will probably lip-sync the entire performance,but that doesn't matter anymore when you've got your best friend beside you and a wonderful singer to make it all up on stage.
Those few moments when individuals become an entity and you know all the lyrics and everything just feels right,those are the moments that count.And I'm happy I've made moments count tonight.

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