joi, 12 septembrie 2013


I'm at a point in my life when not existing anymore wouldn't be that big of a tragedy to me.No,this isn't a suicide note,rest assured.
It's just that...well,I'm tired.Actually,I'm exhausted,both in mind and in body.My sickness is in my head and I've become hopeless-literally.
I don't have a goal in life,I don't have a dream to sacrifice myself for,I don't have confidence in myself or willingness to even try.
What's the point,anyhow?"Life sucks and then you die".And don't you dare try to tell me there's a hidden meaning to it all because that's bullshit and you know it all too well!Not love,not power,not creation,no nothing.
Let's face it,we're just mortal pawns in a game which has no apparent rules,with a big prize of "six feet under" at the end.Does that seem fucking fair to you?
No religion could "save" me and no man could tell me otherwise.This just sucks and there's nothing more to be said about it.So,yeah,you could say I've given up before I've even started.
As I've pointed out before,everything seems "pointless".Add to that the fact that I feel worthless and welcome to my world!
Yes,I'm aware of the fact that I mean something to my family,friends&co.,but,on the big scale,I'm less than nothing-I'm what a spec of dust would look like after being obliterated by an atomic bomb.Don't you just crave to be me right now?Insert nervous laughter here.
I'm not going to kill myself,I'm not brave enough to do that.But the way I'm feeling these days sure doesn't feel like living no more...

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