sâmbătă, 21 septembrie 2013

"Too close to the sun"

The past is all we have.And even that's gone too.

I think my life is dominated by sound more than anything.
Demanding pets,gushing wind,water touching coffee,my favorite songs bursting into my ears-everything makes me more awake,more open,more receptive to the constant change that's flowing around me.
Unlike other senses,this one expects me to be imaginative and ready to make connections.
Not to mention it lets me live beyond my time,space,power...

I'm at the mercy of my cats.
They want food,I have to give them food.They want to sit on my lap,I have to comply.They want to play outside,I have to go watch over them,even if it means having my limbs this close from freezing off and being carried away by the wind.Gosh,I'm such a sucker for these fluffy creatures!
But they make me happy.And I love them.And I hope the feeling is mutual...somehow.
Oh,such sweet madness!

A most happy birthday,my sweet angel!
May all your days be lovely and all your thoughts be hopeful.May the sun always shine at your doorstep and your bicycle take you on wondrous adventures.May you remain the same wonderland being you are and still grow into the glistening butterfly you were meant to become from the beginning.
I hope our paths will meet once again soon,so that I could give you so many promised embraces.
And don't forget to wait for the mailman,alright?Lots of love and magic,
(another) A.

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