duminică, 26 ianuarie 2014


My current level of energy,that is.I'm either ill or just systematically giving up on life because I feel,for lack of a better word,drained.Like a sink,like a dam,like whatever you want to imagine.
I've spent the day drinking (too much) coffee,running around the house after the cats,napping from time to time and listening alongside grandma to the news about this bloody snow that's practically invading us.Go home,winter,you are drunk!
Mom's freaking out about how I'm going to leave for Bucharest tomorrow,yet I am...chill: my Tuesday exam has been postponed,I'm planning a nice night with chamomile tea and TV shows and everything is pointless anyway,no?No?Yes.I don't know,man.
What's the point anyhow?I am deeply miserable and waiting for the next worst thing to happen,even if I'm in the only environment which makes me feel mildly safe and content.I get to forget here,you know?The outside world doesn't exist anymore,just my world and,let me tell you,it can be a lovely place from time to time.Is it socially healthy?No.Is it keeping me from going to a nuthouse in the foreseeable future?Probably yes.
Oh,oh,oh,why did I mold myself so?

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