marți, 28 ianuarie 2014

"We forgot..."

I understand,I really do.Actually,I envy you.I wish I could forget about myself too.
Want to know a little secret?It freaking stinks to realize you're living your life only to make the ones you love happy,even if it's wrong to do so (and you know it),even if they're as flawed as every human out there (and they sometimes hurt you deeply),even if they only want your happiness in the end- my God,what a vicious cycle!
In my mind,I'm almost always screaming-the sort that breaks your jaw and crushes your joints and practically leaves you tasting imaginary blood.See,I don't get to do that a lot in real life.Maybe that's why I keep having horrid nightmares and a general sensation that I'm more dead than alive- it's too much poison just standing around,going stale.
So,yeah,I understand,I do.It's fairly easy to forget about me,considering you're my family and all,no biggie.Jesus,I have so little energy and patience left,you can actually feel my pulse fading away and my temples going crimson!It's a bloody phone call,for fuck's sake,people!And I'm the one that's upset for no reason,wouldn't you believe it!
You know what?It's best you forgot about me.

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