marți, 7 ianuarie 2014

The lesser evil

What can I say?Well,I can't say a bloody thing now because I'm swollen like a watermelon and in so much pain,it's surreal.
Pro:I got rid of that stupid tooth that was plaguing my existence.Con:the right side of my skull is pretty much hollow and currently filling up with blood.The freaking thing was even more stubborn than I am when it comes to getting out!
And let me tell you,the signs start flashing when your "terrorist"/"whore"(actual quotes) of a tooth won't come out...The nice dude (aka the dentist) is like a mountain and even he was struggling to break the damn bone,I mean?!?!
But I'm OK now:the meds are kicking in,I'm drinking through a straw,God knows when I'll be able to eat properly,all is well in "Me-Town".Bitching and moaning aside,I know I did the right thing in handling the issue now because it would have gotten worse otherwise.
But it still sucks that my head looks like a basketball and I can't do anything productive at the moment.Oh,and fingers crossed my jaw doesn't clench because yes!,that is a possibility.
I'm not allowed to talk,so writing helps...We'll see.Meanwhile,I'll go stare at pictures of food and cuddle with the cats.

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