sâmbătă, 4 ianuarie 2014


I'm not sleepy,I just want to never wake up again.
I'm not hungry,I just want to rip half my face off and tell this pain to go fuck itself.
I'm not crying,it's just too much to handle right now.
I'm not upset,I just want to see a full set of china blown to smithereens.
I'm not lonely,I just like the number "one".
I'm not stressed out,I'm just questioning my entire life and choices.
I'm not pissed off,I just don't want to be touched for fear I might actually explode.
I'm not a "crazy cat person",I just want to retire to a very specific island in Japan.
I'm not depressed,I just like to think about the pointlessness of life at 2 a.m.
I'm not scared,I just feel like shutting down.
I'm not pathetic,I just haven't done anything with my life yet.
I'm not old,I just talk that way.
I'm not a girl,I'm just a dragon in disguise.
I'm not anxious,I just am.

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