duminică, 5 ianuarie 2014

Ups and downs (though mostly downs)

It's not easy being nice when you feel like you are about to die because of a stupid tooth and a crippled heart.As if physical pain is ever "not enough"!No,no,my mind has to start playing "apocalypse scenarios" once again...
I don't know,I'm just freakishly irritated and I have a mighty need for the best painkillers on the market.But not even those could make this brain slow down and take a deep breath of sanity.
The uncertainty of everything is killing me!Will this be a solvable problem?Will I go to college this week?Will I live to tell this tale to my grandchildren?Will my grandchildren be real,not imaginary and not cats?Oh,the variables!I'm beginning to grow even more annoyed and angry and willing to yank this bloody menace out of my mouth myself!And they even call it "wise"...Fucking irony.
While the saying goes that "time heals all wounds",I think that,in this particular situation,I'm going from bad to worse.We'll see what tomorrow brings,hopefully good news.For now,I'll pop a few pills and get "comfy" and fangirl over the new Sherlock episode because,well,I can...

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