luni, 13 ianuarie 2014

Where can I rewind?

Seriously,where can I go to get a clean start?Because,my God,is this one hellish!
People who have a very twisted idea of what "useful" actually means,exams that have almost nothing to do with what we've been taught so far and a system which might as well call us "animals"-it's what it makes us feel and behave like.
My bones hurt.My flesh seems icky.I want to undress my skin and dissipate into the Universe.No,I'm not facing a catastrophe(yet),just a constant and steady frustration brought about by the world around and spilled inside of me in all it's destructive glory.
I should be full of energy and focused on the following exams right now,but all I want is a better bed and a happier soul.I remember this time last year and,if anything,I wish I had that drive to accomplish something again,even a "dumb" goal like this one...
I'm angry and exhausted and these two don't make a pretty couple.And what a bitch of a day is tomorrow going to be!
Can I go back to the start now?Any start whatsoever?!Oh,cursed be the moment I decided I wanted answers...

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