marți, 14 ianuarie 2014

A lot and a little

A lot of stupidity around here.It's awful ,but I can't help but laugh my ass off.Why?Because,if these people can succeed in life,then I'm going to be president for sure!Honestly...Of course,I won't be laughing when such people are the ones deciding my worth (and possibly fate?!),but they're hilarious nonetheless.Painfully dumb,but hilarious.Good God,is your garden wide and large!

A little satisfaction doesn't hurt now and again.It's no secret I like literature a lot,but there's a spark of joy in discussing it with others I just can't explain.And when this also brings you a bonus,well,that's plain lovely!Though I can't allow myself to be "happy",I feel content,like I somehow honored those letters and their masters.I hope I'll never lose the ability to find joy in words.

A lot of emotion spreading around me right now.Why do I torture myself like this?Why must I suffer so?Why did I watch the last episode of Sherlock,why?!Don't mock me,I'm an emotional wreck!I want to scream and laugh and sob and jump...but I can't because I'm not alone.Still,my insides are all soggy from weeping and my brain is currently dead weight.Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.This is an evil form of destruction of oneself...and I want more!

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