joi, 16 ianuarie 2014

A fool no more

You know what?Fuck them.Fuck all those people who only see me as a fucking library or Google or whatever.They're not worth the trouble.
I mean,I'm intrinsically allowed to be picky and bitchy and however I want to be.But no!How dare I?!How dare I have a say in which concerns where my work and courses and college materials go!?Isn't it my "fault" that I gathered them in the first place?And that I showed that awful sign of weakness called "kindness"?Serves me right,it does!
No more.No more putting me in the corner,forcing me to help you or guilt trips.Fuck you very much.You wicked,evil and despicable creatures! How dare you?!I can't even bring myself to ask for even the smallest of favors and you plunder my efforts with not a trace of regret!And it's not about the information-I couldn't fucking care less if you're "better" than me.No,it's about my time and my energy and my bloody stubborn mind set on finishing college mildly sane and honorable.
Why am I even upset?!They're not worth the trouble.I might as well go back to studying because Hell has begun in all its glory.
I am a fool no more.

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