miercuri, 29 ianuarie 2014

My eyes,my heart,my soul

My eyes are hurting because these letters are so small and the workload is too much.I was born too late,I should have chosen "simpler" times...I wish I could escape myself for just one day,grab these shoulders,shake them and say:"You do not have to be perfect.You are allowed to fail.For once,just fail and smile".I'd listen to myself,I really would.Because it would be the act of kindness and love and revelation I've been craving for so long.

My heart is too big and too fast.I'm so stubborn that I insist on filling it with all the world,even if it only ends up hurting me.I don't know what chord snapped or when,but it's become like an addiction,an emotional OCD I can't heal.It's with no pride I admit that "I care too much".Ironically,my love has never brought me happiness.Why?Because people are flawed and things die and some days are never right.

My soul is weary.No,I have not experienced the world's most horrendous tragedies,but that doesn't mean I can't be sad.You can't measure pain and decide who's allowed to cry or not.No,fuck you.My suffering is mine and it's an ocean I'd drown myself in if given the possibility and I'll be bloody selfish about it if I please!Look,I'm an angry wreck now!Who knew exhaustion could hide such silent rage within its palms...

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