duminică, 12 ianuarie 2014

Glowing questions

The worst time to have an existential crisis is "anytime",but especially on a Sunday night before an exam.One thing leads to another,your energy goes to Hell and,before you know it,questions like "Why am I even alive?" start popping into your brain.Well,fuck.
Fuck this,fuck that,fuck everything!It was the last thing I needed!After a weekend spent in "educational seclusion",I was hoping for a little more "peace of mind" and a little less "what now?".Silly me...
There is just so much insecurity building inside and outside that I'm starting to question even the little sanity I have left.Maybe it's the exams,but maybe it's not-you see,all they do is amplify and emphasize what is already there:a perpetual state of anxiety,which basically dooms everything in its path.Yeah,sarcasm covers it just about right and irony helps too,but I've stopped laughing a long time ago.
All in all,I'm screwed tomorrow.Now I care,now I don't-"bipolar" always did seem like such an attractive word...I'll probably go to bed because there's not much I can do anymore.
Why do I have to be so...me?

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