vineri, 17 ianuarie 2014

Bless this bed!

I will never be as happy as when I get home on Friday,I swear to all the saints!And,after a morning like the one I had today,a familiar ground counts as more than a blessing.
Let's not recount how I continue to fuck up my academic future with every poor decision I make,it's too obvious.Fact of the matter is that I took that bloody seminar test,then ditched all responsibilities,hopped into a car and "Hello,freedom!".
Before you judge,know this:my back was basically begging for a mattress that doesn't hate its guts.And I didn't want to see a certain teacher's face.And I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.And nobody takes care of me like grandma does.
I mean,would you trade a lovely afternoon spent in bed for books that leave you cringing intellectually and the constant sense (and "reassurance") that you're an idiot?I thought so.
It's good to be me right now:milky coffee,smart cats,temporary oblivion.Even my brother came to watch "Frozen" with me!
I made a moment count and I'm not sorry at all.Bless this bed!Bless this day!Bless!

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