luni, 6 ianuarie 2014

Silent heart,silent mouth

I have seen a glimpse of Hell and it looked exactly like today.I swear to God,you're probably better off dead than being ill!Less trouble,anyway...
After starting in the morning with the dentist's lovely conclusion that "There's nothing I can do for you,you'll have to go see a surgeon" (at which point my blood pressure practically ground to a halt),I enjoyed the most amazing "Wow!" uttered by the X-ray lady who had her hands shoved in my open mouth,only to continue this blessed day "bouncing" between the hospital and several other dentists,searching for someone to decently rid me of this bony plague (dude,it's an extraction,not an "extreme makeover",fucking lower your prices).
Anyway,at this point,you could have rather had a decent talk with a piece of play dough than myself-I had been reduced to a puppet and the strings were all over the damn place.
All in all,I (well,we,as in me and mom,who kept me from throwing myself in front of the first approaching bus),we managed to make an appointment for tomorrow morning and I am so scared,I'm this close to starting a will.
What is college?What is life?What is a mouth where your teeth don't start a colliding war and not actually grow into each other?We'll never know...

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