vineri, 31 ianuarie 2014

Sweets and treats

How did I begin my morning,you ask?By descending into Hell-literally.Well,not really,because it was more "literary" than "literally",but I'm sure they've merged at some point during those two hours.Never mind,that exam is fucked by default,so no worries there! *nervous laughter*
Anyway,the day got infinitely better when my two lovely best friends showed up at my dorm room with delicious sweets and funny stories and a feeling that things can,indeed,get better.So,following this line of merriment,I decided to go home after all this weekend.It was my first "on the spur of the moment" decision in a long while,but I packed my bags,I squeezed myself into a car and here I am.
I don't know,maybe something clicked or snapped,but I really do feel different all of a sudden.I'm still scared and paranoid about everything and everyone,but not that much.I even said "No!" today,can you imagine that?
In no way do I want to jinx this,but I sense that change is around the corner,bolder and wiser and longing for a tattoo.And it's not just because I'm home,I can assure you of that.
Ah,what a day,from start to finish!

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