miercuri, 22 ianuarie 2014

First 21

I've spent my first day being 21 having a blast.
Though some "you're getting fucking old" creeps turned midnight into a bit of rough patch,a wonderful playlist created by a friend and a jolly phone call made the night bearable.
After breakfast and some studying,we tidied up the place for the "wild party" *ironic laughter bursting in the background*.I honestly don't know how we managed to fit all those people in our tiny room!Nevertheless,it was memorable:hugs,kisses,gifts(which I didn't deserve,cross my heart!),candy and sweets,songs,inappropriate jokes and lots of laughter.I felt special being surrounded by so many special girls and for that I am immensely grateful.We had our fun,we drank a bit (if there isn't any footage,I'll deny everything),I couldn't have imagined it better myself.
After my darlings departed,"round 2" came along,in the form of another couple of crazy-headed sweethearts,one of which made me cry and the other scared the life out of me.Explanations are required,so: 1.I MIGHT BE GOING TO THE 30 SECONDS TO MARS CONCERT IN JULY I MEAN?!?! and 2.never let people show you stuff on YouTube,you will never sleep again.
All in all,it was a marvelous day and I couldn't care any less about tomorrow's exam right now and I'm feeling rather old,but good old.
To many more 21s to come!

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