joi, 9 ianuarie 2014

Whirlwind debut

If life's a test,then I'm failing it massively right now.It's just too much...
I'm out of sight,out of mind,out of line.It feels like being thrown into a tornado and told to "Smile!".Like,seriously?!The pain's still there (lurking,but still there) and (surprise!) the world hasn't stopped for me.As if this city wasn't tiresome enough already!
I dread thinking about the future because it's packed to the brim with unpleasant situations and self-esteem  issues and ugh.The past isn't a haven right now either,considering I can still "feel" the bone cracking inside my mouth from time to time.Still,the good thing about the present is that there are angel-friends who are wiling to go with you to find the dentist's office somewhere in the vicinity of Narnia.Hey,it counts as an adventure too!
And,better yet,I'm on the road to recovery-aside from the fact that I'm basically a walking and talking bag of blood at the moment .But that's no excuse not to write and study and write and study some more,right?Right.I'm already disgusted by it all,God help me...
So,yeah,here's to a whirlwind debut,everybody! *raises a morphine toast*

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