marți, 4 septembrie 2012

All the king's lasses

Undisturbed hours of darkness.My favorite poison in a yellow mug.Worlds so distant they don't even seem real anymore.Unwelcome guests and pursed lips.Tedious clothes and curious cats.The humble refuge that is water.Decisions,decisions,decisions!Society in all its judgmental glory.A replay of summer's infernal heat on an ordinary September day.Hugs and kisses.A familiar and pleasant memory as a hospitable relief.Laughs that turn make-up into rainbow tears.Beautiful friends,childhood snacks,Iron Man.The ever-changing present trapped in the form of silly pictures.Famous faces and frustrating games.A cocoon lost in space and time.Fear of the future and an acute sense of gratitude for today.Actual happiness.Returning to solitude,but not to despair.Marvelous and haunting eyes.Preparing for another night of the unknown.A lighter pillow and a brighter smile.

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