miercuri, 19 septembrie 2012

Rediscovering magic

OK,darlings,I have a confession to make...Well,it's not exactly a big secret and I've mentioned it briefly in an earlier post,but I feel it should be said clearly (for my own sake,more than anything!).God,how I love to sound melodramatic!
Truth be told,I have never read the Harry Potter books as a child.Don't ask me why!Maybe I found them a bit too pretentious at the time.And,let's be honest,the hype and fuss around them were off the top! (Yes,I was a hipster kid,get over it...)
Anyhow,the smiles and tears brought about by this franchise have come and gone,leaving me with a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth and the need to belong.Until now...
Oh,my God!I'm almost 20 and I now want to be a wizard and have a magic wand and go to Hogwarts and defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!I have become uncontrollably excited about the books and movies and I don't care about what other have to say!It's such a wonderful universe and I'm ashamed I haven't entered it earlier...Hey,better late than never,right?
Though I have seen some of the films,the experience is only complete when you have traveled alongside Harry page by page,word by word,lesson by lesson.And I gasp and yell and laugh and live this adventure with a new found respect for everything it represents.
Considering I'm only at the start of this magic journey,I think I've done good so far.In a way,there are no regrets about the time gap-maybe this is the right time for me.This is the right hour for my eyes to rediscover magic,wisdom,friendship and courage.After all,I have a challenge of my own coming up and it's called "life".So...Alohomora!

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