marți, 11 septembrie 2012

... a man you knew was falling!

Why must I put such a high price on sleep anyway?Why do I like coffee so much?Why am I more fond of cats than of dogs?Why haven't I read "Harry Potter" as a child?Why do I flinch at every sound?Why must I always ask myself so many goddamn questions?Why is it that I can't stand doing the laundry?Why do I feel like I'm drowning every time I get in a bathtub?Why can't I use my time more wisely?Why do I even need shoes?Why won't my body just stop hurting already?Why can't my head shut up and leave it be?Why do I only feel happy when I'm alone?Why do I fall in love with dead people?Why can't we get along with our neighbors?Why do I get all enthusiastic at night?Why am I still afraid of the dark?Why do I find it a burden to say my prayers?Why everything?Just why...

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