vineri, 7 septembrie 2012

Dream's embrace

it's been a while since I last greeted morning's sun
with a glowing smile-how can such a ghostly pleasure
sprout from night's blackened charm?
...and it follows you throughout the day,
that lingering desire of an incomplete embrace,
both mesmerizing and draining as the hours
make its memory fade away.
-but there is no time to dwell in the midst
of a phantom's veil,
no space to waste when reality bursts
with miracles and luminous promises
and the curse of never-ending
nothing compares to a friend's warm skin
and lovely words,let me just say!
I might crave for imagined faces,
but the ones that hurt and care are always better!
to fathom a Universe may comfort,
yet I'd rely on my eyes rather than my imagination
for a day...

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