luni, 24 septembrie 2012

Spectral identity

I am who I make of myself.I am the decisions which I take.The books that I read.The music I listen to.The people whom I meet.I am the words which I write with passion echoing in every fiber of my being.I am the movies that I watch.The paintings which I admire.The artists whom I look up to.I am the energy which craves to be released.I am a fiery desire and a burning rage.I am the Devil who I forsake.I am the monster which I see in the mirror.The never-ending nightmare which I dream every night.The numbing comfort of the repetitive existence that I participate in.I am the confusion which too often haunts me.I am an unanswered question mark.I am a lamb in a lion's skin.I am changeable.Dull.Explosive.Infinite.I am everything and nothing.Here and nowhere.Forever and never.I am a world inside a body.I simply am.

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