miercuri, 26 septembrie 2012

Sweet sorrow

I am truly going to miss this.This ordinary,beautiful,amazing and crazy life that sometimes sends me to the brink.Even so,have you ever seen something so dull,yet so extraordinary at the same time?The same old thing,wrapped in sunny autumn mornings,coffee-stained books,purring cats dancing between my legs and endless mundane possibilities.I could live like this forever,cocooned in a serene existence that doesn't involve fear,danger,unmendable changes and too many goodbyes.Can I stay in this time loop,please?Can I?Don't answer that...I know the truth and I don't know what to think of it.All I can do is imagine the future as a ripping cloth:the sound,the feeling,the bitter aftertaste.How can I leave my imperfect Heaven for a promising Hell?Do I have the strength?More so,do I have the will power?I am truly,truly going to miss this...

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