luni, 3 septembrie 2012

Pesterous city

this city is tiresome and swallowing and cruel,
my sleepless night only adding fuel
to its impersonal fire.
am I to sell my soul and body to this concrete
funeral pyre?
too many people,too many stories
of dirty money and unhealthy desires...
intertwined streets make wandering
a selfish privilege,
while enclosed faces seem to scream at the horizon:
"Let me go!Let me be!I can't breathe
how am I to call this burden "home"?
to live,to thrive,to conquer my demons
and come out stronger at the end
of it all?
I don't want to lose this battle-in fact,
I don't want it to be a battle from the start...
this city is draining and cryptic and it's making me faint of heart...

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