vineri, 28 septembrie 2012

False expectations

It's as if your stomach had started a war in a train leaving too early for human functioning.Like you're praying to the steamy windows to catch a break.You feel so poisoned,so wrong,so out of hope and out of luck...Still,you take a deep breath and push through.Who has ever gained pleasure without any pain?Though I wouldn't mind for this spreading ache to be a tad more merciful...
And you wait.You melt.You gasp and somehow succeed in taking a step towards the future.Will it be kind?Will it be blind to your expectations?One cannot know for sure.After all the trouble and effort and drained energy,the only certain thing is that it must go on.Time,life,everything.It must follow an unknown path,with or without permission.
So,when you're lying in bed,tired,consumed by mixed feelings and false expectations,you think:what's next?

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