marți, 25 septembrie 2012

"I'm falling to pieces..."

these eyes of mine,how they trace
every movement and shadow and longing embrace.
this neck of mine,how it bends
to rebuild a tired world brick by brick.
these legs of mine,how they ache and yearn
to rest and run and live forevermore.
this waist of mine,how it weeps
inside the clutch of society's desires.
these hands of mine,how they crumble
under the weight of so many humble chores.
this forehead of mine,how it frowns
whenever life seems to real to even fathom.
these lips of mine,how they long
to speak and yell and kiss a substance as their own.
this chest of mine,how it leaps
every time a line becomes a spiral in my dreams.
these ears of mine,how they wait
for the screaming to stop and the music to begin.
this body of mine,how slowly does it march
towards nothingness...

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