joi, 13 septembrie 2012

Last adventure

A night laced with both ghouls and wonders.Sickening coffee.Doctor Who bag.A long-lost memory revived by my darling brother.Tireless fingers.Dripping sounds.Autumn sun.Fluffy tails and melodious whiskers.Pink nails.Straight hair.Bitter stomach.Black luggage.Lavender eyes.Luminous embraces.Geeky talks.Predictions,plans,doubts and hope.Girls' night in.Hilarious people and delicious food."The piano knows something I don't know".Pictures and memories.Sweets and sweet words.Frustrating games and famous names.Sleepy movies.Nocturnal laughs.Warm hands.Crowded bed.Intertwined images of the past and the present.Random miracles of the world.Discovering the people that were there all along.Happy smiles.Peculiar dreams.Rosy sheets.Our last adventure...for now!

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