joi, 27 septembrie 2012

Fading star

I am not a hero.I'd like to think that I am,but...I'm not.In my head,I've saved the world a thousand times,helped humanity and gained personal growth.The truth is...I've accomplished nothing.I've done nothing out of the ordinary.I'm nothing.
There are people out there so much better,kinder and smarter than I am.Special people,not ordinary ones,those who actually deserve greatness and glory.People who have their name carved in history and in hearts.A hundred years from now,I will have been forgotten.Just ashes and dust,sand in the wind...
I'm scared.Terrified,to be honest.And unprepared for life.And insecure.And fuckin' ready to splatter my brains all over a wall.And so tired.So confused.So overwhelmed.And,apparently,pathetic.
Well,this stands proof that I'm not a hero.It's all in my head.My stupid,crying,freaked out brain.

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