miercuri, 5 septembrie 2012


I can't remember a thing about today.Whether my morning coffee was bitter or sweet.The fleeting effect of a remembered dream.If the cats sat on my lap or ignored me.Whether the sun was gleeful or the clouds reigned over the sky.How the wind blew between the shy autumn leaves.If I actually lived or only pretended to.It's easier that way...It's easier to lose yourself in the pages of a book,enclosed and engulfed.Trading one reality for another:you laugh,you cry,you learn and you understand.The infinite Universe is expanding like a gentle paradox right in front of your very own eyes with each and every letter...How my bones cracked and moaned as I sat down on the bed.If I was wise or childish.Whether my words were sincere or just a burlesque relief from it all.I can't remember a thing about today and,in some ways,I don't even care.

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