miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013

About cows,drooling and foreign languages

Me and some girls have this thing nowadays where we measure each other's beauty in terms of cow features.Before you start laughing,just consider this: how much of a freaking majestic creature is a cow?I mean: healthy-looking,tons of fun when pissed off,gorgeous colors all over the place.And those eyes,what could you want more?Not even anime could beat that,I'm telling you!To my knowledge,even the Romans were very keen on comparing women's eyes to those of this creature (it was considered a compliment and there was a goddess somewhere around there,beats me).Indians consider cows sacred- need I say more?The point is: don't get mad when people call you "ugly","fat","cow" or compare you to other various animals-you could be called worse,trust me.I have.

I cannot sleep without drooling.It's embarrassing because not only do you wake up on a sponge-pillow,but people (aka roommates) see you and probably think you look like a dying walrus.On the upside,that's the best kind of sleep,when you lose 30% of your bodily fluids and don't know what year it is anymore.So I guess that evens things out.

To me,foreign languages are what they claim to be- foreign.I want to study so many,but,truth be told,this is alien stuff right here.So I go with the flow,praying the Mother Ship will beam me some knowledge before Friday's exam.Do you read me,Scotty?

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