miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2013

Burning cold

I crave to sleep because that's when
I don't have to feel my swollen brain
chanting and flinching and crashing
into the deepest valleys
of my unsung soul.
is it just my frozen faith
or are the days really growing
my hands are flesh-covered twigs,
my knees are on fire...
to find yourself torn between
selfish desires and the ones you cherish-
to live or to crumble?
to love or to perish?
my youth is but a child in a
grandmother's embrace:
I long to go back,further and further,
until I'm nothing but a trace
of ideas and sparkling atoms...
sweet serenity,you are a shadow
I cannot catch
with light or darkness-
these hours make me humble,
the streets are cold and somber...
I crave to dream because that's when
I can see my thoughts run free
and my pain at peace.

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