marți, 1 ianuarie 2013

Starting off right

I'm leaving yesterday into the old year.This morning light is new,this coffee is sparkling like black diamonds.I'm not going to make fragile promises-instead,I'm going to take each moment at a time and grant it its rightful respect.These books are holy and sinful,this bed knows me more than I do myself.I strive to become something unexpected and marvelous and true.This mind of mine should be less crowded,these hands shouldn't shake anymore.I wish to have more answers for the questions hanging above my head.These words are all I have in reality,all that's mine,all that's me.I hope anger won't ever get the best of this soul.This lonely piece of paper will always be a blessed retreat.I'm in a strange place right now,but I'll manage somehow to make it right.These eyes grow weary by the minute,this mind grows odder by the letter.I hope to make my family proud,my friends stay and myself happy.This world is so big,this future is so vast and frightening.I wish to seek art,people,wonders.This is my home,this is my shelter.I'm cherishing today like there's no tomorrow.

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