vineri, 18 ianuarie 2013

Hate triangle

"talking to the moon"

Well,basically,shitty day was shitty.I'm disappointed in myself and the world and of everything in between.If all my exams are going to be like this,then it's pointless to even hope.And it's frustrating!Draining!Tiresome to the point of shaky hands and rusty knees.I don't want to cry,I don't want to be weak!But...Words fail me.
I'm traumatized.I need a doctor.And a cookie.And to get things into perspective again.
The rain and fierce wind are not helping at all.Neither are my lack of food and salty tears.But I'd rather cry my sorrow into a sink than let it consume me from the inside.
What's done is done,I have to move on.I'm going to sleep until I can't stand the bed anymore and think about wonderful things and forgive myself.Tomorrow.
Now I have to give in,let the fire burn and collect the ashes of such a miserable experience.Where's a mother's embrace when you need one?I'm going to drive myself insane,I just know it...
Maybe unconsciousness will wash away the guilt and nausea.It better-or else...
I'm sorry for being so gloomy,but this place right here is the closest I can be to home right now.And I need my home.I really,really do.

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