marți, 22 ianuarie 2013

First 20

I'm starting to really dislike this silent morning routine.Every day it's been the same:get up,take a deep breath,look around,close your eyes,pretend everything is O.K.,then grab a handful of books and forget about the world.It's been particularly awful this morning because I didn't receive my "Happy birthday!" kiss on the forehead from mom before she went to work.Oh,well...
Even so,I can't really complain about it all,considering I've been "showered" with attention and gifts and the presence of people I so dearly care about.
For example,Honey came over and we ate sweets till we couldn't any more,while bitchin' about life,college&co. and stalking Youtubers ("Heeellooo!").It was wonderful having a familiar and special face to get my mind off so many silly things.We made plans and hoped and dreamed and I saw once again a glimpse of the person I used to be (and,more importantly,loved to be).
Then I had one of those "movie moments" (which you never think could happen to you,but they do and it's AWESOME!),where two darling friends of mine from college came to my door with cake and a sparkling candle and radiant smiles and I had to try really hard not to cry because asdfghjkl!Such a beautiful gesture that I couldn't even fathom before!Thank you,girls,you're sweeter than pineapple and cream!
Also,it goes without saying that I received a lot of gifts (which I don't deserve,to be honest),calls and wishes for all the best.As narcissistic as it may sound,it's kinda cool to think someone could actually take their time to acknowledge your presence,your existence,your evolution.Though many may consider it as something automatic,I really did appreciate every single thought and the people who remembered me.Darling creatures of the Lord,bless you!
All in all,it's been a nice day.I chose to talk about the good stuff,not the fact that I still feel void inside,that I miss home like crazy,that something seems to be wrong in some way.I'm officially 20 and I want to look at life from a new perspective.

P.S.Oh,how clumsy of me!Thank you,darling brother,for staying up till 12 to call me!Best gift ever!

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