sâmbătă, 5 ianuarie 2013

Awakened monster

it's 2:32 a.m.- I'm watching the darkness
inside my room do nothing
but swim through my sleepless entrails
and Hell-possessed thoughts;
I'm going to die insane-
I can feel it in my whiny blood,
my tragic verses,my unsung voices;
...I fear myself most when reality fades
away into something I cannot fathom
or cradle to my breast-
monsters feeding upon me,but being me
it's 2:56 a.m.- I'm eviscerating this bed
underneath with blunt elbows,
dry thighs and crushed curls-
my body's so damaged,it won't accept
night's tender glue...
it's broad daylight-I'm wandering
through town,clutching to my father's arm,
searching for owls,answers
and peace of mind;
back to the same pages and damaged youth,
my (un)expected future,
my joyous present...
it's an anonymous hour- I've killed
all my clocks as an act of liberating revenge:
mercy upon this hallow soul...

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