sâmbătă, 19 ianuarie 2013

The aftermath of too many letters

my soles are blue from last night's marathon
between that swampy sink and my
hurricane hallucinations;
I can't release my body from the white waves
of the morning,
I don't wish to save myself,to learn how
to swim...
my buoy is black,my eyes are a stormy gray,
the day is much too opaque;
I've raised a tempest in a coffee cup,
what a twisted turn of events!
I sometimes feel like I'm drowning
in the middle of nothing but air,
yet my lungs still clutch to that torturing motion
with all their sadistic romance...
I'm water-bound ,it's in my flesh,
behind my closed eyelids,
carved into the day I was born...
worn out arms,grab the churning shore
and build that castle again!
there's a pulse in the ocean that's making
me melt,calling and whispering and drawing
this topaz soul near...
but my sea's miles away,unlike reality's
howling wheels-
I miss my salty skin,my dripping hair,my origin.
I miss myself.

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