miercuri, 2 ianuarie 2013

"My life:WHY",an autobiography

I hate to sound like a whiny b*tch,but today's one of those days when an axe is never near enough.God Almighty,get me through this!
I'm just very,very,very tired.And it's what,like the second day of the year?!
I've been reading since morning (English Medieval and Renaissance Literature FTW!) and my eyes are on fire and I'm freaking out and I have about 10 exams to take and a bucketful of papers to hand in and there's not much time left to study and I don't want to fail like a tw*t and I'm going to implode and I can't breathe anymore and wow! this sentence is long,I'm going to stop now,OK.Uuugh...
I'm a damn perfectionist,which is starting to show and to kill me slowly ,but steadily.I'm aware that college will be the end of me,but,what the Hell,let's dance!Though I have a feeling I'm about to dance (read "cry my eyes out on Doctor Faustus") till 3 a.m.-simply amazing.
There's no one to blame but myself for wanting to be educated and "smart" and,apparently,more terminated than Terminator himself.
My third coffee bids you "Farewell!".If I don't make it,delete my Internet history and send my love to Mr. Poe.

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