joi, 6 martie 2014

Burning Hell

What have I been doing lately,you ask?Breeding germs,apparently.Or incubating them,to be more precise.
No,not me,I'm still healthy (bless the Heavens!)-my "darling" roommate is experiencing a bad case of the flu/cold/whatever.
Now,of course you can't control being sick and all that,I'm not being irrational about it-but I honestly do believe one could have the decency of covering one's mouth when one is sneezing or coughing,especially when the latter actions have an alarming rate of occurrence 24/7.I'll go as far as saying it's about that forgotten "common sense".
And not to mention the opening of the window issue!Because God forbid we get rid of the stale atmosphere and disease just floating around here!I keep opening it,she keeps closing it back again.
I wish I had more guts and knew how to make myself heard in front of bratty children.I have this gut feeling that any small suggestion would turn into a hurricane again...
I don't want to hurt anyone,far from me such a thing;it's just increasingly hard dealing with things when communication utterly lacks.It became so much that I had to go out and call my dad,I was this close to tears...
I cannot wait to go home and forget I'm paying for my sins starting with this life.

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