miercuri, 26 martie 2014

Walk me home

take me by the hand.
give me a pocketful of sunshine.
whisper soothing words to my broken soles.
carry my books.
sing "Blue Jeans" with me.
tell me something I'll remember when I'm old.
promise to plant flowers for me.
make people stare in happiness.
talk about roses and chocolate.
laugh at a dumb joke.
point at the silly ducks.
lie about your past.
propose a preposterous adventure.
make a list of all the movies you've seen.
recite poetry about all the fallen stars of yesterday.
look at the river and say it reminds you of the sea.
promise me everything will be better.
agree that cats are the best.
never cross a red "stop" sign.
call me "dumb" for being wrong.
curse the grumpy wind.
list funny dog names.
try to make me not think anymore.
be real.
never let me go.

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