vineri, 14 martie 2014

Friday cupcakes

I despise waking up before the sun does with an unparalleled power.
If you're so hungry,stomach,why do you feel like puking,huh?
I can't believe I'm starting my Friday morning off with gorgeous Michelangelo sculptures-it's too good to be true.
I can't believe it's just four of us in this classroom-well,five,if you count the professor.
I can't believe I'm wearing lace and see-through blouses-when did I get so confident?
It's that time of the week when the only thing keeping me going is the thought of a parallel Universe.
Dare I say I now have a witness to my "pulmonary ordeal"?
I feel like a headless chicken right now-what do I do first?!
Shopping is exhausting when you don't know what to buy first,second and last.
Great,another day of me showering with a cockroach at my feet-am I that aesthetically pleasing to bugs?If only those bugs were boys...
I don't think I've ever traveled for so long on the subway in one round.
Ah,what a lovely home,what a lovely friend!
Music,delicious cupcakes,frustrating TV shows,refreshing balcony,stupid jokes,"Kill your darlings"-this is how memories are made.
If only I weren't such a wreck,so that I could enjoy it more...

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