marți, 18 martie 2014

Little perks

Not getting enough sleep is a problem;getting too much sleep is also a problem;everything seems to be a problem nowadays.
I ended up with this weird habit of only drinking my coffee halfway,leaving the rest for when I get back from college-weird,I know.
Why is life so hard and school so dumb and why are people the way that they are?!
On the bright side,talking with your seminar teacher about Ginsberg first thing in the morning might just make your entire day worthwhile.
Technology can be such an enjoyable sin,though.
Minty candy,sleepy faces,rushed words-yep,I'm in the right place,alright!
I feel so much better now that I know the road from college to my dorm on foot-suck on that,subway!
Now,I deserve a little entertainment in the form of emotional drama,don't I? (*cough* "Teen Wolf"&"My Mad Fat Diary" *cough*)
All I do is eat and whine lately,but I'm surprisingly OK with that.
Talking to good friends about things can be such a soothing balm for the soul sometimes.
Calling back home is always the perk of my evening,even though we only talk about the same things over and over again(boring lives,what can one do?)
How is it even possible to be this tired?

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